Len’s cages are available to home builders and anyone renovating where there is new const waste being created. They are not to be used for the demolition stages of renos. We recommend a bin on site for demolition materials.

The cages are great for sitting prolonged periods per fill up which is the case during new construction. There is no daily time limit for them to sit on site. They provide a safe place for the garbage to accumulate in one area , rather than sprawling out over a wider space.
They are cleaned out by hand. Price is based on what’s in the cage as volume and landfill weight must be determined while loading.

They have the following benefits.
1. Leave more space on site for trades and construction to occur. Great for areas where space is limited.

2. Can go in yards and garages avoiding after hours illegal dumping in bins

3. More manageable for a customer to use and move around.

4. Free up rolloff bins where they are needed more. Such as roofing and broken up concrete jobs.

5. Keep the garbage pile neatly contained on site.

6. Cost effective for slower moving projects.

Lens Hauling Ltd / The Garbage Man

Please refer to our Services page for items allowed.

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We use our blue cage panels for city tree protection during new infill builds

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